Founder of FOUGARO ARTCENTER, Florica P.Kyriacopoulos, started this collection 40 years ago. An artist herself, she started in the mid-80s collecting works of contemporary art, that included paintings, sculptures, mixed media, installations, photography and video.

Today the FKPCOLLECTION also includes works and drawings of modern art, dating back to the early 20th century. There is a growing section of Asian Art and 19th century prints, as well as African and Tribal Art, Contemporary Craft Objects, Ceramics, Vintage furniture and objects, and many collectibles.

The FKPCOLLECTION numbers nearly 3.000 artworks and more than 3.000 artifacts. While large and significant, it remains a very personal collection, curated by the collector herself, bearing the imprint of the artist’s eye and viewpoint on every chosen item.

Florica Kyriacopoulos often uses items of her collection as material to create installations, art compositions and environments. These newly - composed works become a lively part of private, professional or public spaces, infusing them with a singular spirit and poetry.

The whole of FOUGARO ARTCENTER embodies this concept. Artworks, craft, handmade objects and vintage furniture are woven into all its gardens and spaces, adding layers of texture, colour and aesthetics, conversing with all surroundings, creating a unique art environment, accessible to all.


DECEMBER 2021 – APRIL 2022


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